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Perfect Fit Blinds


At a Glance

  • Choice of over 150 stunning pleated designs featuring sheers, opaque palettes, dim-out and black-out fabrics
  • Performance fabrics enabling regulation of room temperature
  • Cellular blinds available for greater thermal efficiency and blackout properties
  • Can be operated as freehang via cord/lock operation or tensioned via simple tab control
  • Available in Perfect Fit frames for modern windows with no drilling or screwing
  • Also available as a bottom-up blind solution

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Perfect Fit Blinds in UK

Perfect Fit Blinds are a revolutionary new system allows blinds to be fitted perfectly into modern uPVC frames. They simply clip neatly into the frame with no drilling or holes into the window or door frames. There are a number of blinds available as Perfect Fit including Aluminium and Wooden venetians, Pleated and the classic Roller blind. They really do live up to their name!

Award winning Perfect Fit blinds were invented by Louvolite and are a great solution for modern uPVC windows as they simply clip into the existing window frames in between the glass and the beading. Have any of your favourite blinds incorporated into the Perfect Fit frame. 

What Our Clients Say?

Thank You! Our blinds were great and exactly what we were looking for, Another fantastic service I highly recommend.

Mrs Johnson

A Well delivered service from Comfort Blinds, fast and efficient and very friendly.

Anthony Lee

I Had three lots of blinds from Comfort Blinds and they are GOOD!

Karon Arnold

It was a very friendly service, and am very proud with the end product. I would very highly recommend this product to anyone.

Rachael Roberts

Perfect fit blinds are also Child Safe as there are no loose cords.The other great feature about Perfect Fit blinds is that they are not only available in the traditional ‘top-down’ format but ‘bottom-up’. This gives the great advantage that when the blinds are pulled from the bottom upwards, you can control privacy and light far better. 

Perfect fit blinds fit stylishly into your window frames and offer enhanced privacy – as there are no gaps down the sides of the blind. They also offer maximum space on window sills as they stay within the actual window frame – so freeing up space for say pictures, vases and ornaments. Frames are available in white, silver, brown and golden oak to match modern uPVC frames. They are also ideal for modern tilt & turn windows as the blind stays securely within the Perfect Fit frame when the window is tilted!

For more information on our range of Perfect Fit blinds, and to receive a free quote, give us a call at Comfort Blinds today!

Find your ideal Perfect Fit blind during an in-home appointment

An in-home appointment with Comfort Blinds gives you everything you’ll need to find the Perfect Fit blinds that look amazing and totally refresh your room. One of our expert advisors will come to you, bringing along our range of Perfect Fit blinds and lots of informative tips. You can browse the different styles and see how each one looks in your home, while getting helpful answers to all your questions.

Your choice, made-to-measure for your window

All Perfect Fit blinds are made-to-measure – it’s the difference between something that looks OK and a bespoke finish that's truly stunning. And your expert advisor will return to fit your blind, so you can be doubly sure that your made-to-measure Perfect Fit blind fits your window perfectly.

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